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Sheila Frick visits APT!!

It was a packed house to get an education from Sheila.

It was a packed house to get an education from Sheila.

A few weekends ago, we had a visit from a big name in the occupational therapy world:  Sheila Frick.  Sheila provided a two day conference on “Core Connections:  Exploring the Core’s Developmental Roots.”  Basically, what we can do to more effectively work on core strength and also new concepts relating to why core strength is even more essential than we previously thought.  The course also taught us new ways to cultivate better breath control and we got to practice on each other.

Sheila created the Therapeutic Listening Program, which many of you are already using.  You can learn more about Sheila and TLP at  Sheila is an amazing lecturer and she makes even the most elaborate neuroscience seem accessible.  She has been an OT since 1980, has a private practice in Madision, Wisconsin and has published countless books and articles on pediatric occupational therapy.

All of us came back from the weekend rejuvenated and eager to share what we learned with our families.  If you have any questions let us know, but your child is already benefiting from the knowledge all of us gained through Sheila.  We can’t wait til she comes back again!

Some familiar faces were eager to practice what they were learning!

Some familiar faces just before they all jumped off the platform.  See, we do it too!

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