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Bringing OT/Fitness Home – parent submission

This was captured on Anthony Miriello’s blog (of spectrumshare Consulting). Way to go to this parent!

I am happy to post a parent submission to the blog this week.


If parents are wondering how to bring ot home… This is one of the things we do. 10 jumps on the trampoline, then hop from pillow to pillow down the hall, and end with 100 pushes in the swing. I’ve learned to either do this, or cartoon(thanks to you) when she’s melting down. It does amazing things for our sensory kids. 🙂 The swing provides vestibular input, and proprioceptive input from the jumping. Tantrum over, followed by an hour of quiet play.




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Fitness & Exercise

This is a post from Anthony Miriello on fitness training he is doing at APT. Check it out!

I am now offering Developmental Fitness Training on Saturdays to teens and young adults. Click on the flyer below:

SpectrumShare Flyer Fitness

Fitness and exercise has always been an integral part of my life. I have long believed in the healing and regulating power of exercise, especially in helping those who struggle with anxiety and depression. Many new and interesting studies and articles are popping up all over the web and in scientific journals substantiating the claim that exercise not only makes us physically healthier, but also emotionally healthier.
Aside from the therapeutic benefits of exercise, we also need to consider the more widely known physical health benefits. Dropping levels of physical activity and a sharp increase in sedentary behavioral (video/computer games, television, etc) are quickly becoming behavioral norms for children, teens, and young adults. As a result, late onset adult conditions are now being found in children. According to the Center for…

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