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Scientific Validation of Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder, aka “SPD”, has a scientific evidence problem.  Science has been slow in providing neuroscientific evidence that the condition actually exists.  For those of you working with and parenting a child with SPD, you know it’s real.  But still, many providers and experts have long suggested that SPD exists only within autism.  Elysa Marco, MD, is trying to change that.

Dr. Marco is a  pediatric neurologist who has spent years researching the phenomenon of SPD.  She recommends the intervention of occupational therapy and other therapeutic treatments in addressing SPD.  She is an advocate for intervention for kids with SPD because “their brains are wired differently.”  Read the article from UCSF about her research and share with families, friends and providers.

Child with SPD playing with his mother in their living room

Photo by Gabriela Hasbun for UCSF article

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