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Visual Timers

on May 20, 2015

Why we use visual timers:

Visual timers are a great way to ease transitions for kids.  It lets them know how much time is left, mostly by color depending on the timer, so that they can be prepared when it’s time to end or say goodbye.  They can “check in” with the timer so that they know what to expect, instead of being startled by a “times up” right when they are having fun.  It’s also useful for a more dreaded activity like grocery shopping or a play, when the child wants to leave.  It gently reminds them how much time they have left.

So where can you find a visual timer for your child?

Right here. This is a list of physical timers.  But there are also many timers available as app’s from the App Store for Apple or Google Play for Android.  It’s often MUCH easier to have one on your phone, and there are many free options available.  When you have one on your phone, you can use it at the doctor’s office, at the store, anywhere.  Some kids may prefer a timer with bright colors, pictures or sound effects.  Ask your occupational therapist if you need help choosing one.  Visual Timer for a child with special needs

1. Time Timers

Time Timer Visual TimerRecommended by Autism and ADHD experts, Time Timer is one of the most popular visual timers available on the market. With an uncluttered interface, silent operation and optional audible alert this timer works great in almost any setting. Time Timers come in three, eight and 12 inch sizes, perfect for the classroom, in your home or on the go.
Price: $30-$40
Purchase at:

2. Time Tracker & Time Tracker Mini

Time Tracker TimerTime Tracker is a great visual tool for children with special needs. Following along the lines of a traffic light, Time Tracker uses colors to notify a child that his or her time is almost up. Time Tracker features volume control, a pause feature and quick programming of the lights and sound effects.
Price: $26
Purchase at:

3. Time Tracker Mini

Time Tracker MiniThe Time Tracker Mini is a smaller more simple version of the Time Tracker. The Time Tracker Mini is half the size of the original Time Tracker (4.75 inches tall) and operates easily with just 2 dials. Alarm times on the Mini can be set from 5  minutes to 2 hours, in 5-minute increments.
Price: $15
Purchase at:

Talking Timer4. Talking Timer

The Lux Talking Timer offers the flexibility  to be used as either a precise clock or as a count up/count down timer. A clear spoken voice will announce the time of day or how much time remains until the count down elapses. You can set a timer for up to 23 hours and decide if you would like an audible alarm or not.
Price: $17
Purchase at:

Amco Color Alert Timer5. Amco Color Alert Timer

While this timer was designed with the kitchen in mind, it can also be used for your child with special needs. The Amco Color Alert Timer is useful if you are looking for an inexpensive timer or looking for the added bonus of kitchen use. The timer is a 60 minute timer, that blinks yellow with 10 minutes left and red with one minute left.
Price: $17
Purchase at:

Above from an article on friendshipcircle blog.  Check it out!

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