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Balancing Your Busy Life with Your Family

on August 30, 2014
It's tough to balance work/home life, especially when your child needs extra attention.

It’s tough to balance work/home life, especially when one child needs extra attention.

With school around the corner, many parents are preparing for the juggling act of balancing career and family each day.  Expectations for parents seem to be higher than ever:  achieve at work, be the perfect parent, maintain a clean and orderly household, coordinate kids activities etc, etc.  The following is a list of some helpful ideas for your family.

Make some priorities for your family.  For some families, activities every night are the norm.  For others, this is too stressful.  Decide with your family how to prioritize the important things in your family.

As much as you can, organize!  Do you have a family calendar everyone can look at?  Keep lists for your family:  shopping, to-do or what to discuss at the next family meeting.  Which is a reminder to…

Have a family meeting.  After dinner is cleaned up, come together as a family to talk about what’s important.  Does someone feel left out?  Does someone need some positive reinforcement?  Now’s the time! has some great ideas for family meetings.

Stick to your strengths.  Delegate some tasks or eliminate them based on what you know you are best capable of accomplishing.

Let technology work for you.  There are lots of helpful apps to assist you in coordinating your schedule.  If your children are older, Google calendar allows all of you to share a common calendar right from your phone,  laptop or tablet.

Communicate (before you have a meltdown).  Let your family know what you need.  For example, older children can help cook.  Tell them you need 10 minutes of quiet when you walk in the door.  Let your boss know you’d like to explore options for working from home.  Tell your OT you need 10 minutes to talk about your child.  It’s okay to ask for what you need.

Protect your time.  Try to limit your texting and emailing while children are awake.  Be present.  We can help you work out schedules.

Support networks.  There are lots of local SPD support networks.  Check out our bulletin boards or ask your therapist.  Or just talk to the mom next to you in the waiting room.

Down time.  Go for a run.  Get a coffee with a friend.  Get some sleep!  You provide for your kids.  Give your family the gift of a well nourished and well rested parent.

Simplify.  Downsize, declutter and say “no” when you are not able to take on any more.

We know you work hard, and we want to support you!



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