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Asperger’s and the Newtown Connecticut tragedy

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We all watched with sadness and despair as the Connecticut shootings unfolded.  We were more disturbed, however, to find the term “Asperger’s” floated around as a a possible reason for the shooter’s violence.  As we already know, kids with Asperger’s are more likely to be victims of violence than the perpetrators of violence themselves.  The Autism Self Advocacy Network put out a statement on Friday that helps educate others on autism.  Please give it a read and share it.

We join with all other Americans in putting  forth an effort to make sure our country unites around this unspeakable tragedy.  Consider Ann Curry’s call to action with your family as a way to deal with sadness and fear related to Newtown.

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Happy Holidays from APT


All of us at our annual holiday party.

Holiday Greetings to all!  We wanted to send our best wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year.  Lots of our kids have been making these beautiful holiday snowflakes (courtesy of Mandy) and we wanted to share one that took some extra steps to make it even prettier:

photo (2)

Now that’s a pretty snowflake!

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8 Tips for Special Needs Holiday Toy Shopping

This is a great little post about holiday shopping and gifts. Stop by the blog anytime for helpful hints, not just at this time of year!

The Sensory Spectrum

The countdown for Christmas is here! And how do you pick the right gifts for your special needs kiddos? 8 tips and SPD present ideas are here!

8 Tips for Special Needs Holiday Toy Shopping

Holiday Sensory Spotlight: Sensory Gifts Your Kid Will Love

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